Valentine's Date Ideas for 2020


With Valentine's day around the corner, let's remember that every day can be love day! But let's be real, life can get crazy and when you're busy juggling work, health, money, etc. scheduling a date night seems like the last thing on your mind.

This is why I love V-day! It is on the forefront on my mind. Maybe it's the weeks leading up to it, or that it's on every calendar, but every year I am ready for it with excitement.

I have been told that I do a good job on the dates I coordinate for my sweet hubby. There's nothing more I love than spoiling those I love and putting my creative mind to work. I have put together a short list of date night ideas for you to try on YOUR loved one. Let's go!

Valentine's Date Ideas for 2020

1. High Tea and Dress Like Royalty

tea party menu

I have to do this one because it's my tentative plan this year! (Note to my hubby: skip this part). There is nothing more royal than drinking a cuppa tea. Dress to the nines or in your Sunday's best and lose yourself to the tranquil deliciousness of tea and cute bite-size snacks. We have a local tea house that is hosting this particular event but for the craft lover, this is a total DIY! Set the table, make some sandwiches (here's my favorite recipe) and dig in. Don't forget to look at each other from across the table and flirt with your eyes.

2. His and Her Date

valentines day

I think it's crazy to think that one person has to come up with the perfect Valentine's date, so why not split it up? One person plans the first part of the date and the other finishes it off. In the past, I have planned a breakfast while my husband planned dinner. On our first Valentine's together as a couple, we decided to celebrate the Saturday after so we could have the whole day together. I planned an elk sleigh ride through the snow before finishing with ice skating. He took me out to Sushi and finished the night serenading me with an original song. It was so cute!

3. Explore a City Nearby

san fransisco date

Travel to a nearby city or explore your own city and explore! Because of busy schedules sometimes the city we know least is our own. Or maybe you live nearby a larger city. Whatever the case, carve out a day where you can travel someplace and see what it's all about. Walk around the landmarks or take a tour. Afterwards, find a couple's massage where you can decompress and relax from all the walking. Your body will thank you! Some spa's even offer champagne and strawberries for a sweet ending. To finish the night, find a restaurant of your choosing. Some restaurants have views of the city or are on a lake. See what the city has to offer and find a restaurant nearby. 


4. Weekend Getaway 

mountain hotel

If you are looking to celebrate for more than a day or few hours, find a nearby or far out getaway spot to nuzzle in your love. With many hotels available, staying at a quaint boutique hotel or bed and breakfast (move over AirBnB) will add a personal and intimate touch to your weekend. Once settled, you can explore your chosen spot and walk around. Are there hikes to see? Lakes to sit by? Take it by the minute and go with the flow. This date is all about being spontaneous! Maybe you will "get lost" and see hidden gems usually overlooked. End your nights with a cocktail or warm beverage on a balcony or porch, talk about the day, and enjoy the moment. 


Valentine's Day... some people love it, others hate it. I say "we can never have enough reasons to celebrate love". So whatever you choose to do this season, whether it's staying at home and ordering door dash or traveling to a cottage in a town nearby remember: it's about who you're with. What you do is the cherry on top. 

Go with the glow. In the end everyone can agree that it's the little things that will stay in your memories and make your date magical.


Thank you for stopping by and reading our blog post today! If you like this list or want to see more date ideas let me know in the comments below! -Lety