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When I planned out the course of this three-part blog series, I knew the third point to a happy and successful life would be: Confidence. I mean I knew first hand that confidence had been a key to what I call successes in my life so far. 

Over the course of the weekend, I found myself spending a lot time to myself and reading about the human connection.

I noticed whenever I'd go on dry spells without socializing, I would begin to feel sad. Depressed even. Do you get that way too? And this wasn't the first time I'd felt this way. I traced back my week to find the mystery of why this happened. Had I gone to the gym? Did my husband and I spent time together? How about the people I see everyday (my clients, people at the store, on the beach)?

I wasn't isolating myself, okay well maybe a little. The internet sucks you in! But I wasn't a hermit in my home. I interacted and saw people every day. So what was happening for me to feel lonely?

I thought about my interactions, what I was getting from them, and how they made me feel. I came to a conclusion that would change my perspective forever.


There's a difference between being with people and connecting with people.


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I'm with people all the time, you say. Heck, there's 20 of us at my fitness class. But did you talk to them? Did you feel understood? And just as importantly; did you make them feel understood. We are driving on a two-way street over here!

I thought about my day to day life. Was I talking and maintaining conversations through casual interactions? Yes. But was it a meaningful conversation and did I feel listened to?

There is a lot to be said about the human connection and lack of it. In a psychological study done by Harry Harlow, he found that when presented with a choice, baby monkeys prefer the touch of their mother to food. Food! At first thought I'd take a delicious In-n-Out burger over a hug. 

Until I wouldn't.

If we were to be deprived of food or touch, the monkey we would go directly towards touch! So why don't we make touch, or connection, a top three priority in our life?

If you are feeling out of touch with the world or feel misunderstood, I get it. It's not easy to get our head out of that rut. Sometimes I feel like I need some direction (actually, more like a world map).

In my reflection I put together a checklist to act as a first-step map to help me get through the rut phase into some action. I knew that once I got myself out there I would have a clearer conscious to focus on a larger plan. I am including this check-in in this week's newsletter! If you have joined, keep your eye out for it. If you are not yet a part of our newsletter, sign up! You will also get a 15% coupon to our boutique. Whoohoo!


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In our www dot social media world, there is less real life/human connection than ever before. In line at Trader Joe's? Get on your phone. At a red light driving home? On your phone. At dinner with your friends? On your phone.

Connecting with people means looking up, looking at them, listening, and responding with non-judgement. If it seems like this is hard to find, why not start with yourself? What can you do today to listen to someone? You may find connection or more, a friendship.