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We knew Fall was upon us when Starbucks released its highly anticipated Pumpkin Spice Latte. One of our neighbors has already set up his Halloween decorations, complete with seven, 8-ft tall status of Freddy Kreuger, ghouls, and demons. One of our other neighbors has Christmas lights up! Or maybe he never took them down...

All around us, society is screaming FALL. And I am all for it!  I think Autumn clothing is by far the best with the layering, booties, and beanies.

However, is it really fall weather everywhere? As any other well meaning woman, I left my house yesterday with a pair of skinny jeans, a thin and light long sleeve flowy top, and some mules. The outcome? Sweat. 

Within the first 10 minutes of being out, I had already regretted jumping on the Fall trends because Southern California is just not there yet. 

So what do we do in between the warm summer months and the brisk autumn days? *Transition pieces!* (I wrote that while singing it). Get creative with your summer clothes by adding a splash of Autumn. Extra points if you can use it to keep you warm in the cooler mornings to then take it off when it’s warm again.


white dress cowboy boots brown hat

The "no white after Labor Day" rule is faux pas and no longer applicable in our modern age of anti-classicist behavior. Go ahead and wear white! I love our puffy sleeve white dress because the long sleeves keep me covered in the brisk winds, but the dress is thin enough to keep me cool in the sun's heat.

Some easy transition items to add to your closet are fall hats or a pair or cowboy mules. We have found the cutest fall hats this year and have added them to our boutique selection!

 brown felt hat fashion



black floral dress backless

Summer is perfect for dresses but Autumn can be as well, especially if you live in a warm place. Do you have any dresses in your closet? You can easily wear them a few more weeks by adding a sweater over (or under!) your dress. Wear some tights, scarfs, and boots! Ta-da! You have a new outfit and were able to re-use your summer clothes. 

You could also wear a dark floral dress. The flowers are perfect for summer but the dark colors say: Fall. We love our boho maxi dress as a cute addition to your summer/fall closet. It is short in the front and long on the back and features a stunning open back detail.

black flower boho dress maxi

open back black dress


Fall shopping is exciting and with new arrivals coming in this week we can't wait to wear cozy sweaters and ripped jeans. But while you're waiting for the chilly weather to kick in, why not get creative with your closet and add some fall colors and transition pieces. By the time the weather calls for warmer clothing, you'll be a step ahead!

What are some of your transition pieces? Are you into Autumn or do you prefer other seasons? We would love to read what you have to say! Share your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!