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Happy October loves! Can you believe how fast this year has gone by? Another year in the books. I hope you have all made wonderful memories, overcome challenges by learning from them, and reached goals you have set out for yourself. 

While a new year soon approaches us, this one is a bit more special than the rest. Why? It's the end of a DECADE! We begin the roaring 20's in just a few months. 

Now, I am one to go for symbolism so I might be slightly biased, but this is a big deal! Think about where you were in 2010. I was still in HIGH SCHOOL! Oh my gosh. Maybe I don't want to think about it (haha). 

The point being: a lot has happened in 10 years. You are about to experience the start of a new decade. How will you finish this one and how will you start the new one?


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Finish Strong: Now's the time to start your New Years Resolutions

Ok, the New Year's Resolution part is a joke. It is almost a social norm to not follow through with those. BUT what should become more acceptable is following through with your goals. 

I find when I don't focus on my goals or I act lazy, it shows in my performance. I don't reach the engagement I want on social media, I don't make my sales goal, I don't take care of my mental and physical health. Can you relate? How are you doing with your goals at the moment?

I believe I can trace it back to my focus. It's not easy to accomplish your goals because get this: the people that actually set goals are high performing, overachievers! But mental focus and determination are not easy, so we find ourselves getting a foggy brain and slacking. Yes?

SO GIRL, NOW IS THE TIME!! (imagine me clapping for emphasis).

You have THREE MONTHS LEFT. Finish strong!! Start waking up 15 minutes earlier like you wanted to! Start adding vegetables to your life! Start calling your parents more often! Start that business you've been thinking about! And start prioritizing your health! DO NOT wait until January to go to the gym, because "it's only 3 months away".

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Exactly, you have THREE MONTHS LEFT- 13 WEEKS- 90 DAYS. And then the 2010s will become a chapter in our history books. Or one of those decade documentaries on Netflix.

How do you want to look back on this decade? With guilt because you didn't meet your goals and you're sure there was something you could have done? Or with pride because you gave your energy to something you believed in. As cliche as it sounds, if you try, there won't be any "what if's" or regret. 

Start making a list or a visual of what you want to accomplish during these next 3 months. Make your goals big and small and in between. 

Be the type of person who gives 110%. People remember the beginning and the end so gather up your energy. Concentrate it into an energy that will propel you into excellence. Be ferocious with your wants, needs, and goals- nobody will stop you from executions...besides yourself.  

You can do it, and you will do it! But you only have 3 more months left to do in this decade, so start now.