The allure to be b-e-a-utiful has surrounded our culture since the beginning of time. Sculptures depict the beauty of humans, every line and curve carefully crafted. Magazines show us the glistening eyes and shining mane of the world’s top models. Each posing striking in their elegance. And now, Instagram and other social media platforms constantly update us with the latest trends and who is wearing them.

As a boutique owner, I know first handedly how having a symmetrical face and tall, lean body does well on our page analytics (spoiler alert: they are some of the highest viewed posts). I also know that’s not how the majority of Americans and women around the world look. 


boho girl make up

I want to encourage people, especially women, to look inside the exterior and see what’s really beautiful. I’ve created a list of what makes someone beautiful. Read it for yourself below and let me know what you think.


  1. Knows her values. She knows what she believes in and stands her ground when persuaded to go against her ideals.
  2. Is poised. She knows what to say, or not say, in the moment. She knows she doesn’t have the be the loudest person in the room to command attention and she relates to people through empathy.
  3. Is friendly. No-one is below or above her. She is an equal and open to talking to those around her.
  4. Takes care of her appearance. She doesn’t need make-up or high heels to look beautiful, but takes care of her body through hygiene, a balanced diet, a weekly physical activity.
  5. Does not judge herself or those around her. A beautiful woman looks for the good in those around her and bypasses those who have wronged her. She is not vengeful and understands that nobody is perfect.
  6. Talks about ideas, not people. She removes herself from conversations around gossiping and would rather contribute her mind and words to positive, progressive ideas.
  7. Does not give up. She may have falls and feel weak from hardship and tough times but she does not kick the bucket and complain. She understands that her true power comes from persistence and there is more of her the world has yet to see.
  8. Shares her time and knowledge. She knows her time is valuable but when deemed appropriate she is not too busy to lend a hand or share advice.
  9. Admits her mistakes. A beautiful woman is not afraid to say “I messed up”. She knows that her mistakes do not define her and by admitting them she is honest and genuine.
  10. Knows she is a work in progress. She is constantly learning and growing, she listens before talking, she believes in herself. There are many characteristics that a beautiful woman embodies that she has yet to find or is in the process of developing.


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What characteristics do you consider in a beautiful woman? Are there some qualities you would like to start working on? Or some that you already have?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but I think we can agree that a beauty goes farther than looks and when making a change in someone’s life, our personality and qualities are what set us apart.