Hello my friends! Today we are here to learn about vision boards and what makes them so great! If you have found yourself here, most likely you have seen one of my Instagram or Facebook posts about this fun project I put together. If not, you can find our Instagram here and our Facebook here.

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Vision boards are a way to visualize your dreams. I love creating them because it helps me meditate on what I really want and set some goals down on paper. My favorite part though, is looking back after a few months and seeing how little by little the board begins to look like my reality. Amazing!

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What is the Law of Attraction? Whatever you think about you attract into your life. Think about it like day dreaming. However, what if instead of picturing our life as a "what if" we see it as if it's already happening for us. 


For example if you daydream about the day you will finally have a healthy balanced diet, visualize yourself eating a healthy meal and say "I eat healthy". Do you see a difference? Try it now with one of your own goals. Here are some examples I tell myself:

  1. I am a successful business owner
  2. I am a caring and loyal friend
  3. I make X amount of $ from my side hustles
  4. I am a boss babe
  5. I have a close and supportive Instagram and Facebook community

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Those of you who are a part of our Instagram community know that I have been working on a document with all of the bells and whistles regarding vision boards. I have made my fair share of successful (and non-successful) boards and now it's my turn to pass on what I have learned to you.

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The point of the vision board is to inspire and see your dreams as something attainable. In your Vision Board Guide you will see:

  • What a vision board is 
  • What you need to create a board
  • Steps to create your vision board
  • Tips that I have learned along the way 
  • EXTRA: Images you can use on your own board, all in one place

To get your copy of Creating a Vision Board that Works just leave your e-mail below. You will receive a copy of the PDF straight to your inbox. 

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