Last week, we talked about how important it is to know what your dreams are. If you don't have an idea of where you want to be in the future, how will you know what you need to do today?

Did you try out the Ten Dreams exercise?


What I love about the ten dreams list is that it touches on both mindset and action. Ya’ll mindset is really, really important. Really, really, reallllyyy important. Yes I just butchered the English grammatical and syntax to make a point!



How you view life will exactly mirror what is going on inside your head. You have the option to go through ANYTHING in life by being either happy or negative. The situation will not change- your dog through up on your new *insert luxury brand* rug, that’s a FACT. Gross and you can either clean it, throw out the rug, and move on. Or clean it, throw out the rug, and build up your blood pressure. Which scenario serves you?



The thing about hindsight is that it’s easier said than done. It takes practice to choose to be happy and the learning comes from the unhappy, challenging moments.  Choose positivity. Choose to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re in control. Remember your ten dreams and how this will push you closer to the person you want to be.


The take away for today's short and sweet blog is: You can choose anything in life, you're in control. Choose positivity.