Here’s the thing about life; some days you have it handled. I mean you are ON TOP of your shiz. You wake up after a restful sleep, feel like the next Instagram health guru with your green juice, you’ve got the right mindset to kick butt at work, and your kids listen to you. 

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Here’s the big BUT. Some days, maybe even most days, you don’t feel like this. 

What’s the deal?? Don’t you want to feel like a million bucks all of the time? What’s stopping you from living your dream life?

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Can you think of what is stopping you from happiness? What do you think it is? 

Here are the biggest contributors to your happiness and dream life:


First of all, do you know what your dream life looks like? This requires that you set out some time to actually sit and think about YOU for 10 minutes. For most of us, this seems impossible. The kids can’t possibly leave me alone that long. I have to answer business e-mails and work is piling up. I have to check my Instagram.


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We need to learn to take a step back. Gift yourself ten whole minutes to think about yourself and what you want from life. You deserve it.


You deserve peace and quiet for ten minutes. You deserve to have dreams. And more importantly, you deserve the chance to fulfill your dreams! However, only you can give yourself that change. Good news is you can totally do it! It comes from A) how you view your life and surroundings, and B) the action that you take.

Hey, since you're here already, why don't we take some action together? 


ten dreams list

Our first thought for a happier, fulfilling life is about envisioning our dreams. In her book Girl, Stop Apologizing , Rachel Hollis talks about a FANTASTIC habit where she writes down ten dreams every morning. The key is to write each down as if they are already your reality and to ask yourself what you did that day that relates to your dream. 

One of my dreams is to inspire people around me. When I write down the words “I inspire people” on my list, I ask myself, “what did I do today to inspire someone?”  


Take some time today to write down ten dreams you have for your life. Be specific, close your eyes and envision your dream life if you have to. Grab a notebook and write down your ten dreams. Don’t forget to write them down tomorrow as well! For consistency, choose a time during the day that allows you to have some time for yourself. Wake up ten minutes earlier if you have to! Commit to a week of doing this and notice any changes that come from this new habit.


What do your dreams look like? Did it help to write out where you want your life to be? Next week we will share thought number 2 for a happier, fulfilling life. Talk to you then! 


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